Assignment 2: Video Plan

So with the deadline date approaching soonish, it’s time that I start thinking about various things, such as:

– What content my video is going to contain
– My audience
– How the story is going to progress
– How I am going to narrate it
– What type of interview am I going to use, and whom will I be using
– Facts, Quotes etc. that will be included

So lets start with the content. My niche area for the video has been based on the idea of supermarkets causing a decline in traditional markets, and if Coventry Market was feeling this effect as well. So the content is going to be very specific throughout the video, with a key focus on this idea.
So how am I going to lay out the video then? Well to begin, I need to give some background information to the viewers about the situation in general. If I dive in head first, then the viewer will be left confused about what exactly is going on. So I might start saying what traditional markets are, and how they are an essential part of the community. Then I would lead onto how supermarkets have change our lives, and then how they are causing an impact. This section would ideally last for around 3 minutes maximum.
To present this part, I would probably be outside by some supermarkets, either coming out of one with a bag, or hanging outside the entrance with shoppers walking past. This would make the background fit in with what I am talking about, proving some needed context. I could even edit a pan or still shots of other supermarkets as well from the area. I don’t want to be talking serious about the issue, but rather I want it to be slightly relaxed.
In this part, quotes and figures will be quite important though, as these will back up the idea I am talking about before delving further in.

Then I would move onto the market itself, as that is the focus on the video. In this I will be looking at how busy the market is, with hopefully questions answered by the owner Brian Sexton or other high ups from the market to give a bit more info. As well as this I would give some facts perhaps about the market (very brief though perhaps).
For this scene I would want to be inside the market itself, particularly at a time where there are shoppers in the background, so this would mean filming at perhaps mid day when it would be the busiest.
It would also be nice if that if I get a reply to my questions, I could edit the video to where a list of answers appears on one side of the screen whilst I am talking. This would be an interesting way to make the video different, but if it would work is a different matter.

Then, to more of the first hand research. To start things off, I would possibly talk to store/stall owners in the market to ask them questions in an interview. Now I wouldn’t want to talk to just one, but have a variety of responses to questions. So for this I would probably need to switch fluidly between stall owners to ask them the various questions. This I will have to work on hard to get the editing right though to make it seem nice rather then jagged.
When interviewing the workers, I wouldn’t have my face appearing in the shot. This is because I want all the focus to be on the owner; yet to prevent them from just talking face on to the camera, I would be towards the side out of the frame. Or, I could interview them when the are working which might look a bit better.

Then to offer some nice contrast, I would talk about what the Government is doing to prevent this loss from happening any more. This gives some analysis to the idea and thinking critically about it all as well by looking at the other side of the story, and to give it a more positive outlook. This is where I would begin to look at the government reports onto the markets (a great piece of academic research.)
For this, I would be reading the information from my phone or clipboard highlighting essential information, or I could be showing the actual text on the video whilst I talk over it.
And to finish the video off, I could end off asking an official if the market is receiving help from the government and is surviving the threat from supermarkets. This would end the video on topic, and might just leave it open to the viewer to decide.



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