Assignment 2: Premiere Tutorial + Test Video

So when it comes down to making our video presentations, there has to be a way in which we edit them right? Because today when you think of making a video and editing, the majority of people would start thinking “Oh he must have used iMovie/Windows Movie Maker.”

And whilst they are legit ways of editing your video into a simple way to watch something, I wouldn’t consider it professional at all. For a presentation that has to not only tell a story, but presented in a professional way, it would only be fair to treat it with respect.

So we were introduced to Adobe Premier Pro, which was similar to Final Cut Pro is some aspects, which I have used before. Nevertheless, as it was a different program, it was quite foreign to me.
After we had been told the basics and given a walk through on how to use it, we were told to go take some practice videos so that we could test our editing skills.

This was also a first chance for us to use the Canon 5D Mark ii for the first time as well, so it was a bonus that we could learn the basics on how to record a video by ourselves. And by this I mean that we would have to frame, crop, place and time everything to perfection so that we had a good video.
I decided to go with two panning shots using a rubber band to give a much smoother transition with the video. This was a little trick to avoid any sort of jagged movement when moving the tripod by myself.

The whole shoot itself didn’t take too long at all, and soon I was in premier with my videos ready to be edited. Now for me, I wanted to get the pans to look like they were flowing in one direction. However when I was recording, I had panned in two different directions. So I had to reverse the speed of one of the videos to get this visual effect.

However, I may have made a bad decision, as the backwards video shows people walking backwards (adds a nice moonwalking effect though!) So what I really should of done was revered the other video. But still, it was a good way for me to get to grips with the process of recording, and editing the video afterwards.


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