Assignment 1: Coventry shoot 2

So in my second shoot, I was more focused the idea of abandonment within the market. Not only to suggest it was being forgotten about about by the public, but also to look at other potential photos; as in the last shoot abandonment worked the best.
Yet that was at the closing time. So to offer a bit of balance, I went again to the market at an earlier time (at around 2:10pm) as I suspected that it would be much more busier then the last time I had visited.
And my suspicions were correct as when I was walking around the market, it was much more busier, with all the shops open with more customers walking around in the area. However though, compared to a normal supermarket, it wasn’t that busy at all (but better compared to last time.)
So this time for my shoot, I went on the plan of looking at items or places around the market that seemed abandoned or forgotten about. So rather then go straight into the market, I decided that I would walk around the outside first to see if there was anything interesting.


And what caught my attention first was a piece of area outside the market, with a big sign saying “Coventry Market.” The reason that this caught my fancy was that I could see some weeds sticking up above the fence, so I got the impression that it wasn’t really being looked after.
However I wasn’t able to get in, so I had to go up a car park to a high enough level so that I could have a good vantage point to take some pictures. And when i got up, my suspicions were slightly correct. With all the weeds growing underneath in a pale green colour, it looked like it had been forgotten. Initially, I thought that this would be a great opening picture or cover picture. However, taking into consideration the rest of the pictures, I have to think about how it would fit in with the rest of my photos as well. As it would look odd having this type of picture in the beginning, for the rest to be of something different.


However, looking at these shots they are quite…generic. It is something you might see over and over from a photographer, but also it doesn’t really produce anything at all. By this I mean all I see is a metal structure; nothing suggests that the market is slightly abandoned at all.
Now if I had the sign in the background it could work slightly better, but there was no way at all for me to take that type of picture. This though was a good opener for me to realise that for this project, I would have to make sure that the idea is cemented within the pictures and that the viewer will be able to extract it when looking at the pictures in the book.

After moving on from the car park, I had a little wander around the area to see if there was anything else that took my fancy. The reason for this was that the area was where all the traders usually entered with their items, so I was interested in seeing if there was anything left behind.




Now compared to where the sign was, these pictures are more focused on specific items rather then the general area. With no sign of human life at all, it makes the picture seem rather creepy. The lack of human presence is greatly noticed and this does help solidify the idea that these have been abandoned (perhaps not of the walkway though.)
Again though, my only problem with these pictures was that they are general. My this I mean that the pictures feature items that we see quite a few times when walking by; so it doesn’t really strike us as “different” or “unusual.” So for my next shoot, I think I may go back into the market to take more pictures, as not only would I get a more varied choice of shots, but the shots I think should focus more on the lack of human presence within the picture instead.

Contact Sheet 2


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