Sketchbook Task C: Sharing Time

This task was perhaps one of the easiest so far; we had just come up to the halfway point throughout the term and it was time to see what we had learnt from it all (learning in uni? I know right!) However, it would just be quite boring if we were to go over the same power points over and over and discussing the same points. This had no real academic add vantage at all, and rather it would just go through one ear and out the other in no time at all.

So, the task was quite simple then. We all had to go online and find an article, book, image; whatever it may be, it had to have some relation to what we had looked up to by that point. The idea was to find something that would further on what we had learnt, to by-pass into the realms on creative discussion that would enhance our understanding much more.

There was a variety of links offered, some that talked directly about the points that had been made, whilst some went off to look at some other options about some key ideas that had been made. The link that I had picked was an interesting article to me, because even though it just talked about the usual ideas at a basic level, it was able to give real life examples to back up what was being said.
In some of the articles I had looked at before, there was nothing used to back up the claims the writers were talking about, leaving its credibility wide open. This article however was able to give some evidence to what it was talking about, and after reading it I was happy with everything said and not questioning it at all.

Link to article:


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