Assignment 2: Presentation 2: How to present your video

In my last presentation post, I was talking about how exactly I can record my videos and what camera may be the best way forward to doing this. This time, I need to start thinking about how I would present the video, either with my face showing or in a voice over. This is made more important when we have to think about the audience we will be presenting to as well.

We must think about how the “horizons” are presented towards the audience; the views we have when creating the presentation, and those views someone may have when watching it. What is very important to note is that what we have to make sure is that one horizon is clear, in that the message being presented is very clear to everyone.

So lets look at a few question I can ask myself for this idea in relation to my idea:

What is the focus of my presentation?

So I am looking at the idea that supermarkets are causing a decline in the traditional markets, so my niche area is on that is Coventry Market surviving this decline at all?

What context is needed to allow subsequent information to make sense?

Looking at reports of other markets around the UK having to close due to a lack of sales. Talking about how supermarkets have more power these days, especially when it comes to expanding.

What key pieces of information need to be conveyed?

That this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed in order to keep a traditional role of the community alive. But also talking about if Coventry itself is surviving the change.

Where are the sticking points of my research?

Possible stats from the owners of the market. Talking to someone (first hand research) about this idea.

What does my audience need to see?

How many supermarkets there are in the area. Plus the decline or continued improvement of the market.

How can this information link and flow together?

Start talking about the general idea first of all, followed by a few examples and info from an expert. Then start talking more about the market in depth.

What sort of conclusion am I going to offer?

The conclusion I think depends on the information I gather. I can’t go in with a bias opinion from me as it takes away from the video. If I am to become an expert in the area, then I need to give a conclusion that is fully supported.

So that is a more solid structure on how the video itself would work, so now I need to think more on how I would be presenting it:

Should I be a friendly guide on-screen or an omniscient narrator? Something in-between?

With this being a potentially sensitive topic for those working in the market, I want to lean more towards a friendlier narrator. If I come across to knowledgeable, it may seem that I am talking more fact then what could be a possibility.

But at the same time, at points I will have to come across somewhat serious I am talking about an important point. So really it just depends on the information I am trying to get across.

Do I have relatable examples/everyday occurrences to aid difficult-to-understand


I could use examples of other markets closing down, but I can also use my own experience of going to the market as well (and possibly talking to some of the stall owners as well.)

Is the footage, stills and audio of a suitable quality?

All three of these items are as equally important I believe, as they each have an important part to play.  However I believe that the audio is going to be the most important part, so I would have to use a very good recording device.

Is the pace of the presentation suitable for my audience?

Again, with the information I am going to be talking about, I can’t be rushing through it at all. I need the audience to be taking everything in fully. But this doesn’t mean I have to go at snails pace, as there is more information that has to deliver as well.


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