Assignment 2: Different ways in making a video and how to record them

So for Assignment 2, we have to create a 10-minute video presentation on our chosen area.  And for a video presentation, 10 minutes is a long time indeed, so I would have to make sure that there is plenty of material. But, it can’t just be information just chucked in. It has to be stuff that is on the topic, but also something that is interesting as well.

To keep someone’s attention for 10 minutes then, I have to think of the different ways of recording. So the first idea that came to mind is “vlogs” (Video Logs.) On the YouTube market, this has become one of the more popular videos that has drawn plenty of views. And at the same time it allows the viewers to personally connect to the vlogger.

Two good examples I feel for this would be thesyndacite and danisnotonfire channels.

Both have created vlogs, yet they differ in the style. Dan’s channel is more focused on creating short, yet funny videos based on stories, whereas Tom’s channel is much longer that focuses on life and other events.

So vlogs are a good way for me to present some information about the area. However the problem is how would I record it? Tom’s channel most of the time focuses on using a phone, as it allows a bit more freedom in movement of where you can go (you can walk about) and a slight more intimate feel. However though you have to give up on quality as it would be a bit more pixellated.

In comparison, Dan’s channel uses a camera (I am unsure about what type of camera though) to record his videos, and you can tell that there is a major quality improvement in the two.

We have been told how to use the Cannon 5D recently, and from a few test videos (Insert the panning video here) you can see that the camera is off high quality. Now you still have to alter the settings as if you are taking a picture, but I feel that this is much more useful. As I have a small compact camera that has the ability to record video, yet it only records what it sees (do if it is quite murky, the video will be murky and pixellated as well.)

With the 5D, you can alter the aperture and ISO to take account into this, so you get a better video. Plus you have the ability to get the best focus as well by being able to zoom in on the area you are recording to make it as crisp as possible.

So the 5D is the best way to go forward in recording the videos, yet there is only a 3-day rental period on them (on a very limited number of 5D’s.) So then I have to think about what exactly I would need to record. I would probably use it more towards the interview with a first hand resource. As using a phone camera wouldn’t look very professional at all.

So then I have to think about the rest of the video (lets say the interview takes maybe 3 minutes at maximum, leaving around 7 minutes.) How will I be able to present the rest of my information then?

One good way could be to show maybe pictures on the screen, whilst having a voice over talking about them. This takes away the unnecessary text showing on the screen, allowing the viewer to put more attention on the photos whilst listening in to what is being said.

I think once I have enough information on my niche area, I can then start playing around with different techniques and methods to see what fits in best. As the video will depend on the type of information being relayed across.


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