Assignment 1: Presentation 1: Physical vs. digital books

As an avid book reader, having the physical feel of a book in my hands (plus the unique book smell) is none to other. It is something that I cannot beat at all. Yet with technology advancing massively, there has been a massive surge of digital books rising to the market.  This has been down to the fact that more people have access to the internet via phones, laptops or tablets, making it much more easier.

Now when it comes to photobooks, it is a difficult choice in choosing which one would suit the reader. Would you rather have that physical hold of the book in your hands, flicking through each paper to the different pictures? Or have the ease of looking at it online, where you can do it whenever at your leisure?

To this day, it seems like photographers and artists are still playing by the book (no pun intended) by creating physical books for their work to exist in; an example could be Elinor Carucci’s Closer. This book was a huge success, and even though the pictures were still available online for anyone to have a look at it, looking at the pictures in the book made it feel that more intimate.

So this raises the question of whether for Assignment 1 about what path I should follow in making my book. I think one reason that has to be taken into consideration is how many pictures I would be including in the book itself.  If I haven’t got that many pictures, would it worth considering doing an online photobook as it would be more feasible to consider.
Yet if I have a variety of pictures that might be accompanied by text, then it would be worth making a physical one. More so with the physical one I have more control over the layout and how it would look.  And that’s what the online book I think lacks, is having the control on how the book would look. With it being online, there is a certain format and zoom that isn’t the same as a physical one.

With a physical book, there are a lot more emotions involved, as you tend to get more attached to it and involved with the pictures. While with it being online, we tend not to think much of it nor really look at it, as it is so easy to turn to the next page.

Personally, I think I will probably steer towards making a physical book, however I think it will depend on what my images will look like yet, so it’s too early to make a decision.


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