Assignment 1 + 2: Coventry Shoot 1- Initial shots and thoughts

So on the 20th (A Monday) in January I decided that to get a better feel for the market itself, I would have to do a little trip of the place myself. So far I had only seen pictures of the market, yet I had never really ventured inside and seen what it was like for myself.

When I went, I perhaps had left it a bit too late in visiting at around 4:30, although the market itself closes at 5. The reason I went at this time was that some people and students would have finished for the day, so they may of ventured inside to do some shopping.

However when I went inside I was quite shocked to see that the stores that were located in the outer ring were mostly shut. The reason I was shocked was that there was still time left for them to be open, and there was always a chance for a customer to come in and need something from one of those shops. So it got me thinking about was trade not good for these certain shops then if they closed up early?

In a complete contrast though, the inner ring (which was filled with lots of fruit and vegetable stalls) was busy. Not packed or swamped, but it was safe to say that there was enough trade going on there for the sellers.

Now for this first shoot, I wasn’t going around taking pictures of specific things. Rather, I just wanted to take a few pictures here and there so that I could see how things were and what it was like, as by this stage I was still re-thinking about my niche area






Now the first thing that grabbed my attention when I was walking through the market was the variety of signs that were littered around the place. I understand that some of the typical signs (health and safety) are needed, but everywhere I looked there seemed to be one stuck everywhere.
But the sign which I took the most interest from was the closing down sign, which as it happened to be on a stall on the outer ring. This was again pushing my suspicions that trade might not be so good, however I couldn’t be sure as there could be a variety of reasons about why the store could be closing down as well.

The next stage of my pictures was then on the stalls that were active. It was interesting to see how they interacted with the customers, and even when they could see me with my camera, they were happy for me to do to click away. One stall owner was adamant that I even take a picture of him!







Finally, I ventured back onto the outer ring to take a few pictures of the stalls that had been closed, and how items had been left lying around (not valuable items that is!) without any care at all. This gave it the look that it was almost abandoned, which was kind of interesting.






I think out of the 3 stages these pictures were the most interesting, as it gives a slight tale of how the area has been left, yet you are left wanting to know what the reason for it is at the same time.

Looking at the pictures, there isn’t really any theme with them just yet. The idea of abandonment is particularly interesting for me, as it gives a nice contrast with the busy life of the inside of the market plus all the shops that are outside it as well. However though, I have to remember that I did go at the closing time almost, so there is a bias towards why many of the outer ring shops were closed.
Therefore I think I will have to do more research into the idea of abandonment, but also I will have to visit the market again at another date earlier to see what it is like, and to see if there is a big difference.

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