Assignment 1 & 2 Artist Research: Shaun Clover + Richard Koenig

So whilst I was looking for old pictures of Coventry, I was thinking at the same time about how my photobook could look like (more specifically what type of pictures I would actually take.) Because as both Assignment 1 and 2 are linked together with the same themes (or there about) I have to be thinking about how the two could be linked.

So I wanted to have a look for artists that uses multiple pictures in their work, so I first decided to look at Richard Koenig, who produces a picture a picture within a picture, via printing the first picture and hanging it on a line before so that in the background picture it produces both a slight 3-d effect as well as us gaining more insight into the area. This allows us to question the space between the pictures themselves.

What is interesting is that in his artist statement in Society for Photographic Education, he talks about how he wanted to make the viewer realise that they were actually looking at a picture but not realising what the photo is about.

In the series Insert, which I am paying more interest to, is quite interesting. The pictures give a distortion in time slightly, making us question what has happened between the pictures. Yet I don’t like the pictures that are on the same area with no difference at all. It makes me wonder what the point of the picture is if it is of the same thing.

So on that last point, I knew I couldn’t have the same picture overlapping each other, as it wouldn’t make much sense.  SO then I started to think about merging pictures together to make it look like one picture would be progressing into another. In particular I was thinking about having an older picture moving into a much newer picture of Coventry Market. This I feel would link in more towards the idea of the market evolving, and a good way to show it as well.

So I looked at the artist Shawn Clover who produces a photography series that is almost a replica of a time-lapse of the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco.
This series (currently split into 2, with a third part being in development) is very effective and eye-widening. The perfection he has achieved in his pictures is staggering, where he states that just “one foot can make a difference.” It is obvious he has utilised the skill of Photoshop very well in these pictures, as all of his pictures look like they are one.

This was the type of pictures I had in mind when it came to my piece on Coventry Market, but actually after thinking about it, I realised that this sort of thing was over done. Clover’s work too me was as perfect as it could be, and even though I could do a similar thing with Coventry (with the market being bombed in World War 2) I fear that it wouldn’t have the same effect.
As when it comes to showing old vs. new, this sort of thing would be the most common approach I reckon. I could do it, but it would mean I would have to do it in a way to that wouldn’t be expected at all.

So I have decided that rather than focusing on this new vs. idea, I could focus more on the current times of the market. So I need to put my thinking hat on and see if there are any ideas that I can come up with!



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