Assignment 1: Coventry Market – Old Pictures idea

Now my thought for my current niche area is doing a comparison between the old and the new in Coventry Market. With the research I did into the history of Coventry Market and how it got bombed, I felt that this would be a great way to give a nice sense of contrast between the two factors, and showing how the market and the city has changed over the past 70 years or so.

There was one slight issue though that was presented to me straight away when I was going to start with this idea, and it was this: where on earth was I going to find some old pictures of the city/market? Surely they would be quite old now, so they would be considered quite fragile if there was any remaining copy left. So this meant I would have to find a way around trying to find an old picture; getting a modern one would no problem at all for me.

So my first port of call of course was to look online. And the best way would be to use Google images for a starter to see if indeed there was any pictures floating about in the area for me to use. And straight away after typing in “old Coventry market” there was a few pictures up there for me to look at that was displaying what was the old market.
There were a few problems with these though; first there was the issue of finding a picture that was indeed large enough to work for this idea. If I had a tiny picture that would become pixellated when stretched out, what would the point in using it? Secondly, finding diversity was an issue. Most of the same pictures kept popping up over and over, so I had to look somewhere else to really get more info.

So I then started to wonder if there was any blogs or archives that actually held some old pictures for the public to see. And after a bit of searching and defining, I managed to come across a thread that showed some of the older pictures of Coventry, where a few people posted their own pictures they had or had found to show along the others.
What was more useful was the fact that on the same website I was directed to another part which actually showed a before and after picture of the Market. However it wasn’t the way I would have liked it (the old picture is shown, and when you hover over it the newer version is shown.) For me that seemed way to simple.
So looking back at the other thread, I was intrigued when someone posted a sample picture of a transition between the newer and old, which I found to be quite interesting.

(Post image here)

So I decided to do a bit more looking, and I eventually came across a website from Coventry Council which had a whole archive of the old pictures. And it was fascinating to flick through all the pictures to see what the area once was compared to how I see it now.
But, a huge problem came up at this point. After looking around the site, I noticed that all the pictures there were copyrighted by the council and could not be used in any way at all without permission. And even then there was the chance of either being denied this use or even being charged to using a photo.

So I have decided to give the idea a bit more thinking about what I need to do. But for now, it might be wise to look at a few artists to get a bit more inspiration for what I might need to do.



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