Assignment 1& 2: Coventry Market Research

Seeing as I am going to be basing my research about the market, I need to do some thorough research into the history of the place, as well as some more modern-day views as well.

In 1719 a market house was granted permission to be built to help with the trade that was going on at the streets at the time, with it being further developed into a market hall in 1867 due to how trade was getting busier and more popular. However everything changed in 1940 during World War Two when the German air force blitzed Coventry, destroying the market hall.

With the normal area being destroyed, this caused problems for the traders, as they were forced to deal with temporary premises at the time, causing uncertainty for their future. So a plan was made to move all the traders into one place, so the new Market was created in 1958.

When you see the new market, it is slightly unusual to see it in a circular shape. Most markets are typically in a long rectangular shape, mostly due to markets covering up a street. However the shape was intentional, as it allows every trader equal opportunities. This is actually a very good point, because for some people the psychological thought of walking down a long straight can be seen as daunting and long. Whereas in a circle you don’t realise how far you will be walking as well.

To offer a bit of contrast, I started looking at Covent Garden Market to see what the differences are. Just from stories from my dad about the market, I was always able to get a visual idea in my mind. The “old” market was always very busy, with a range of characters on the streets trying to sell while burrows of fruit and veg were sold everywhere.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 23.29.59

And today even in the “new” market you are still able to see those distinct characters wandering around the area, talking to the customers in their own ways, undoubtedly putting a smile on your face. There aren’t ant wheelbarrows any more, so rather there are fork ladders going around; yet in a sense it is still the same thing, as whoever is driving will still take the time to talk to someone about something.

Comparing the two markets side by side, there is a very obvious difference between them. Covent Garden is purely focused on the Fruit and Vegetable side of the market, where Coventry market tries to do a bit of everything (although it is clear the centre, where the fruit and veg is sold, is the most popular and busiest.)
So after a bit of deliberation, I have decided to just stick with Coventry market for a few reasons.

#1: The market is much more closer to me and easily accessible, meaning I don’t have to spend over an hour just to travel to London (plus it would have to be at night time as well to witness the best side of the market)

#2: If I had taken Covent Garden along with me, I felt like there would have been some bias towards it no matter what. After my dad working there, and myself working a few times, it would be hard not to favour it. To me it would seem that to put it in a negative light would be absurd almost.
Whereas with Coventry Market I have next to none experience at all with it, making it something that I can fully explore and open up to.



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