151 MC: Proposal – Assignment 1 + 2

So my proposal for both Assignments 1 + 2 is to look at how markets have changed over time, with particular focus on Coventry Market and/or Covent Garden Market. This comes under the subject matter of City Regeneration.
The reason I have gone with these two is that Coventry’s market is nearby, so I can delve deep into how it has changed. Whereas Covent Garden is where I used to go help out my dad at work sometimes, so I have somewhat grown up with it.

This proposal is more of me telling a story of the change these places have gone through, rather than it being an investigation. So that’s why I would consider my audience to be those that want to know more about the history of these places (the reasons why they may want to know varies on many accounts.)
So why would they be interested in this? You could say that if they wanted to know the history, they could read a book that explains the history, so such as a book on the history of Coventry. So rather than skimming around the edges, I want to physically show the changes rather than it being read about.

So this leads onto the way that I would actually go about telling this story. And I think the method in which would have the most impact would to have a side by side comparison of an older picture to a much more recent picture. I have not thought about the way I would present this at the moment, but it would be something I would focus more on towards the end.

However, there are a few problems I can think off. Firstly, the main problem is finding enough pictures of the older markets.  Some may be too valuable to take hold off, or some may be damaged or lost. This would mean I would have to do extensive research into finding enough, which could change the way I present.
Secondly (more specifically on Assignment 2) is finding a primary source that I could interview. Now I could interview someone who used to work at the market, but when I have been told that we must “conduct first hand research with at least one relevant and established individual” I would have to check if such a person would be legitimate at all.

One artist that I have taken some inspiration from with this idea is Shaun Clover with his pieces on the manipulation of time, so he is someone I will be doing more in-depth research into.


5 thoughts on “151 MC: Proposal – Assignment 1 + 2

  1. This project seems like it could be very well executed, as the culture surrounding Covent Garden is known worldwide and many people are interested in it. It is a very similar idea to my own so it will be interesting to see the end results. To me this would probably be better as a digital book, as it is a very well known place.

  2. The whole idea of city regeneration is really interesting, but are you going to target the audience of people that may not be as interested in the topic of discussion? Will they then take your viewpoint into account and start to realise the exciting sides of different markets and the changes the world has made to build around them?

  3. A very cultural project here Mr Taylor 😉 :P. I love the idea about comparing old with new (if new even exists in coventry market) The best place i would say too look for old images of the market where you could possibly get copies is the council house just up the road from Ellen Terry. I think when trying to find the person to do your first hand research on you should not go for the younger generation. You want people who have lived through the “Market Revolution” (again if there has been one) so you have first hand experience.

    Love from Tom

  4. An interesting proposal which sets out a fascinating insight into an important part of our history. Markets exist internationally but is there a core element that runs throughout them. What has forced the changes in the markets that you want to explore? Is the focus on the Market or the people, is there a real difference or is a market about the people. An excellent subject that needs narrowing down a little but any avenue should prove to be engaging.

  5. Who is your audience going to be for this project? If you’re trying to avoid a ‘history lesson’ style project then maybe the images will need to be slightly less documentary based, or perhaps you could try and create something that is purely about the impact from the change rather than about why. It’s just a thought though. Really good project idea.

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