151 MC: Digital Naratives

Digital Narratives

“Becoming ware of the water we swim in and how it leads us to the futures of photography”

  • Agriculture Age
    • When we were growing crops, enabled by crop science
    • Industrial Age
      • Everything made the same by standardisation in factories, machinery
      • Digital Age
        • Information – easy to access date via linked digital devices

Turescuro – one light source

  1. Digital Natives
  2. Digital Settlers
  3. Digital Immigrants

Problems with the above labels:

  • Access to digital technologies (Roughly 1 billion have access)
  • Adaption?
  • Written by digital native?
  • “No distinction between online and off-line” Pulfry and Gasser
  • Ignores the personality of the person
  • Ignores need

But what can we learn from this?

  • A different set of skills and habits
  • Literacy is important – more so then roadblocks
  • Changing at a greater pace
  • Local and Global
  • Information is malleable
  • Have not known anything else

So what?

  • Extension of self to others
  • Lust for interaction/confirmation
  • Barrier or enhancer

Its important to us as individuals: Image makers, Publishers, Readers. Which means we must have this awareness of how we are being changed.


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