151 MC: Christmas Task: Photographing the Prostitutes of Italy’s Backroads: Google Street View vs. Boots on the Ground

When I clicked this link, I was initially taken aback by the title, as I had no idea what I was going to expect. My first thoughts were going to be on a series that was quite intrusive on the personal life’s of these people and the job they do.

However as I began to read more into the article and look at the pictures, I began to see that my first response was wrong indeed. Rather, these pictures were showing the dim life that these people went though on a daily basis, therefore producing quite an emotional response, as it made me realise how lucky I am with the lifestyle that I have at the moment.

However this response was brought more from Paolo Patrizi’s Migration as the pictures were quite upfront and in your face, making it seem like you were standing in that place. But in comparison Mishka Henner’s work, I think, is more about the barren life the woman face. The lack of civilisation in these remote places. It highlights an idea of danger, as anything could happen really. So we get this false feeling of safety when we look those pictures.

That’s why I think the use of the two different techniques is quite interesting. Patrizi has gone into these camps with his camera and taken these powerful pictures, where Henner has used Google Street to take a couple of screen grabs. And personally, I think with Henner we take the pictures for granted: we don’t realise the significance of what is happening.
I believe that if you want to take pictures of something, you have to go to the place and take the pictures, as otherwise you wouldn’t get the same thoughts from looking at it on a screen.



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