151 MC: Christmas Task: Palfry And Gasser’s ‘Born Digital’ vs Nathan Jurgenson’s ‘The IRL Fetish’

One of the parts for our Christmas work was to read the introduction from Palfry and Gasser’s book, and to compare it to how Nathan Jurgenson wrote his article.

I started of with “Born Digital” and from the straight I could find myself relating to some of the scenarios the authors were writing and referring about in regards to the ‘Digital Natives.’ It was quite interesting reading about the various problems that were occurring in society today due to the change technology has brought to everyone.

However there was a single problem I had with the introduction to this book. Everything was repeated over, and over again.  I understand that with an introduction you have to make sure that you explain everything correctly, however I felt that this intro was going over the same things again and again but in different manners/situations. For the 10+ pages that I was, it was really only the first page that I felt like I learnt something.
And it was only towards the end that the goal of the book was talked about, leaving the reader to wonder for a while what the authors wanted to discuss. And after that it was more talk about the same ideas again.

When it came to reading Jurgenson’s article, it was a fresh air in comparison. Yes he started off with the same points that today technology is more involved in a daily basis, but rather than focusing on the negatives (which was what the intro to Born Digital was focusing on) it looked at some of the positivity’s digital natives brings to us with technology.

A sentence that really struck out to me is a sentence in the conclusion, which says “this in no way implies the loss of the face-to-face, the slow, the analog, the deep introspection, the long walks, or the subtle appreciation of life sans screen. We enjoy all of this more than ever before.”
These two sentences are so true as someone who is classed as a ‘digital native.’ With all the technology that is around us, we do appreciate doing something that is not involved in technology.

I think what it comes down to is making the choice of not getting to involved with technology. If we always “stay online” we don’t appreciate the things that revolve around us. But perhaps that is the curse of being born as a digital native. We are so used to technology, it would be weird not having it around us.
Technology has been, and will be a source that has changed our lives for the better in various ways. Yet we must not forget the older ways of doing things. As the pleasure of doing such things is something that cannot be missed.


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