151 MC: Assignment 1 + 2 initial thoughts

Initially when I was given the assignment I was stumped as to what area I would go into. None of them really stood out to me at all, especially when we had to try to think of a niche area inside one of them. But after some given thought I decided to go with agriculture because my dad has worked in the fruit and veg business for a long time, and going into work with him sometimes, I have a limited knowledge of this particular piece of work.
Obviously my dad’s work is more in the business side of things, but there is still an element of agriculture as you still have to buy the best pieces of fruit/veg possible, and it can come from various places as well, such as farms or a second seller.

So starting off with Agriculture, I decided that to get a better grasp of the subject itself, it would be best to look at the definition first: the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products.
Now looking at this on its own, it seems very limited to a specific area. I couldn’t do my work just based on this, so i would have to go and do more research into the field and look for more niche areas under Agriculture that would be of an interest to me. As from this definition for Agriculture, as surely it just couldn’t be this at all?

So naturally the first place for me to go to was Wikipedia with the definition of “Agriculture”, as really it is a large area that leads into various paths. So whilst looking at the chapters from the Wikipedia page, the one part that really stuck out to me is Genetic Engineering section under Crop alteration and biotechnology.”
From just reading the two sections, I have began to think of a few proposals about what exactly I could begin to focus on in these two assignments (bearing in mind I will have to make a 10 minute presentation, plus make a photographic book on the niche area I choose.)

So I will have to think thoroughly through every bit of detail before I make my final choice, as I don’t want to stick to a boring idea. Rather, I  want to follow on a path that I will find interesting. As if I chose something that wasn’t any interest to me at all, I wouldn’t put all my effort into it as I wouldn’t enjoy it at all.


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