Assignment 1: Final Prints – 150 MC

So after spending a long time in the darkroom, I finally got all of my prints done, and then scanned them up onto my blog (which is why they seem to have this greenish tint to the pictures. The real prints are more in a black and white colour rather than having this tinge to them though!)
On a side note as well, the order these pictures are shown in are not necessarily the final order yet, but rather have just been uploaded one at a time. The real order would be sorted out when I come to my final presentation (talked about later)
The contrast for these picture (apart from the last one, which was on contrast 4) were on 3 which allowed more depth in the blacks and white, whilst the aperture being on 11 which allowed me to have my shutter speed between 15-30 seconds depending on the picture. By doing this, it allowed e to have greater control over my pictures when it came to testing on the various speeds on seeing which time worked better.
And the reason I went for darker pictures was that if I hadn’t of changed the contrast at all, all the pictures would have appeared to be too flat, resulting in a dull picture with nothing interesting at all. But also I felt that if the pictures were too light, then it detracts from the seriousness from the pictures really, whilst having them darker allows them to seem much more imposing and serious.

Print 2

Print 1

So the first two pictures here would be working as a dyptych of a sort in the project (the top one would be shown first, then the next one would follow on from it.) I really like these two pictures first for the shadows that are involved within them, as they are the only ones which have these diverse shadows. The shadows are more effective in the first one I feel, as in the second picture the hands are the main focus really.
I feel like these pictures would be shown more towards the beginning as they are more gentle and subtle in nature, so they would be used to generally build up through out all the pictures.
So how do these two pictures relate back to the theme of “Encountering Culture” then?
Well this roulette set is designed to be used for drinking, so it was bought by one of my house mates for this purpose for when we would drink. And it has been used from time to time, but we have been forced by the person who bought it to use it though. So this picture shows the both the harmony and conflict of having to drink via this peer pressure placed on this guy to not disappoint at all.

Print 3

This picture is based on rejection of a drink, but whilst in all my other pictures I did have the face included, I decided that I was more focused on having only the hands being show, as not only were the shapes on the arms quite interesting, but it left some sort of mystery towards who each person. Having the face in the pictures allows the viewer to build up a connection with the subject; but by removing this it leaves everything open for interpretation from the viewer.
So how do these two pictures relate back to the theme of “Encountering Culture” then?
This picture was a reference on sometimes when you have a group of people drinking, an person may force another to drink with them and the group, collectively creating this massive peer pressure on one person, especially when at uni drinking is part of social life. So this picture was to show the conflict between others when someone tries to reject a drink being forced onto them, with the outcome being unknown.

Print 4

This picture is another in which I know where it would be placed in the series; I would like to place this as the last one because the photograph was based on someone on the floor passed out whilst still holding onto the bottle. Like most of the pictures, I focused only on the hand again.
With the angle of the picture as well, it seems as if the bottle is about to be dropped, which gives it the imagery that everything is now ending, hence why it seems like a good place to end the project on.
But in general I like the composition of this picture, as everything just seems to be right in place, especially with it being a plain background all our focus is placed onto the bottle at once without any distractions.
So how do these two pictures relate back to the theme of “Encountering Culture” then?
This picture was used to highlight what the consequences of drinking too much may be, so it highlights the conflicts one may have with drinking. As someone may drinking within their social structure without thinking about the consequences because they just want to have a good time.

Print 5

This is the odd picture out of the series, but for a specific reason. When Carolyn gave us her talk about editing, she talked about having a picture that would stand out half way through the series. Now with everything being just based on the arms and shapes, to suddenly have a portrait picture seems out-of-place, but in the end it is still relatable to everything else.
I wanted this picture to be the stand out, as it highlights this idea of “binge drinking” with uni students where they would do anything, even downing huge bottles, just to have a good time and get drunk. So it’s the picture that symbolises the uni drinking culture all in one really.
So how do these two pictures relate back to the theme of “Encountering Culture” then?
This picture again shows the ideal about if you’re a uni student, you have to drink however much in whatever to get drunk. So this picture is showing the harmony within our social structure as too how accepting people are of this idea and will happily do it. Again, another part of seeing the uni culture for drinking: drink whatever you can.

Print 6

This picture is quite visually appealing due to the symmetry of what is happening. The main action which was going on was two people taking shots, but it’s after you look closely at how symmetrical we are when we do actions like this really.
Everything seems to just be right in place, with this nice “V” shape being produced from the arms. It was probably this picture (the original test one really) that got me more interested in looking into these arm shapes, as they are quite abstract without us meaning to do this on purpose.
So how do these two pictures relate back to the theme of “Encountering Culture”then?
This picture again shows harmony of our drinking culture, or having multiple people taking part in drinking shots at once. Taking shots allows people to feel part of our social structure in a easier method. However we can’t see any peer pressure in this picture, so we just assume the people are doing it on their own accord.

Print 7

This picture was more based on the legacy of the drinking game “Ring of Fire” which is extremely popular with uni students, as it’s one where you can have a laugh with everyone whilst trying to get people drunk. Now on my first shoots on digital, I did have these pictures involving playing cards (which the game usually has around the glass) but I found them to be too distracting when looking back on it really, as it made it too utilitarian as we could tell what was happening easily.
With this picture, it’s slightly harder to tell what is going on. You may ask are these liquids being placed on purpose? If so why? Does the drinker know this is happening? Again by only focusing on the shapes on what is happening, you can attach yourself on a human level, so you ask yourself these question about why this happening, which is the main point of this picture. It’s all about raising a question.
So how do these two pictures relate back to the theme of “Encountering Culture” then?
I feel that this picture is more suited in the conflict role really, as mixing drinks with various amounts of alcohol is something that is frowned upon usually. And in this picture, you can’t see what the reason for this is at all. So you become desperate to know why this is going on. However this is the culture that uni students are in, so it is to be expected in the end.

Print 8

This picture is possibly the easiest to understand in what is happening throughout the picture, which is why it would probably be placed in the front. This time the background is slightly important for the context of the picture. Sometimes you might see shots be placed on a bar top, with other glasses around it. Yet you don’t get that idea of “uni drinking” really at all. That’s why the table the shot glasses are on seems like it is in a kitchen, which is something with a uni student would be more likely to do shots for “pre-drinking.”
The aim for this picture was to not over complicate it at all; I could have gone too a bar, but not only would it have been probably too dark, but with everything going around you wouldn’t be able to focus on the shots being poured at all.
So how do these two pictures relate back to the theme of “Encountering Culture” then?
Yet again, another picture which I feel rests within the harmony area of our social structure, as shots are part of what the uni culture is when it comes to drinking. If you had never been to university before and didn’t know what went on in the social life, this picture would depict what happens regularly.

Print 9

I find this picture to be somewhat comedic, hence why I chose it. With shot’s you expect it to be done quickly and wouldn’t look very stylish at all. But in this picture, everything seems to have been reversed as it looks like the shots are being chinked together like someone might do with another drink. So it gives it this more respectable twinge on the pictures really, whilst how the hands hold the glasses, to me, make it look funny really.
So how do these two pictures relate back to the theme of “Encountering Culture” then?
Yep you guessed it, another harmony picture here… But this time it’s simply based on the image itself. There’s nothing negative going on at all, so it would seem weird to say it was in conflict, when there is no conflict at all. the two subjects are taking part in the drinking, so it’s safe to say they are part of this culture.

Print 10

This is the final print I did, and might be the picture that could start of the series really.  This picture is probably the most bold out of the lot in what it is stating, but that’s why I took it, as I wanted to say what is going on. I felt this was the picture that would highlight “uni drinking” really as they would drink anything and everything if they could. So this picture was taken to highlight this fact, but at the same time it does separate itself from the rest of the series slightly with everything that is shown.
So how do these two pictures relate back to the theme of “Encountering Culture” then?
Yes finally, another conflict picture! This picture was designed and taken to be utilitarian, as I wanted to show the conflict of how overboard the uni culture can go when it comes to drinking, where no care is given at all to what is happening. But there is also conflict to how much is drunk in such a short time period by uni students on a regular period; but again, that is part of the culture…

In the end, I am pleased with how all of my pictures have come out in the end. They all relate back to the initial theme in the end in their own ways. And even though you can’t properly see it due to how the scans didn’t come out properly, the printing was very successful as I was able to get all my prints out successfully.


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