Assignment 1: Test shoot 3 – 150 MC

Contact sheet 3 copy

This was the final shoot I took, this time with the Mamiya RB67 due to the face that this time I could actually focus on various parts in the picture rather than being limited to only one area being in focus (which was the problem I had with the Mamiya 7ii)As you can see from the picture, I have highlighted the pictures that I feel will be the best ones to use for my final prints.

With the picture in the top line, I chose this one out of the others due to the angle it was taken at. With the others, with everything being in the picture, I would have to crop out certain parts which would mean having to zoom in on the picture. This would result in the quality deteriorating slowly, as the higher the enlarger head is, the quality begins to suffer slightly, which causes more grain to be shown in the images.
So by going for this one, I wouldn’t have to change anything at all, and could keep the image pretty much how it is at the moment (I could probably go outside the red rectangle really, as there isn’t much of a restriction at all to it.)

The picture on the second line was chosen over the others this time due to how the hand is holding onto the bottle. With the other picture, it seems as if the bottle is being laid on top of the hand, so it doesn’t have the look as if the person holding the bottle is going to drop it at all. In comparison, the other picture seems as if the bottle is slipping instead, making it more effective in my eyes.
For this picture it was vital in my eyes for the bottle to be held in the right way, as if it wasn’t then the wrong impression could be given completely, so when setting up for the picture it took a while to just get it just right.

The last picture was a choice between the last two pictures; the reason I went for the one with the two bottles is because of the background. In the second image you can see a radiator in the background, and whilst it isn’t too distracting to me honest, it downgrades the picture really as it’s so obvious. Whilst with the other picture, everything is much smoother and white in the background, so more focus is placed onto the drink instead with our eyes.
Like I said a while ago, I don’t want to over complicate my pictures with lots of stuff going on in the background. I need to make sure that the main focus is being shown clearly enough with no distractions, whilst not being too obvious in what my message is.

I finally think all of the pictures have addressed the theme at last fully; the “drinking culture” is being encountered via these pictures quite clearly. From the typical pictures you would see on the internet (which were too obvious and in your face), mine are more subtle, in the way that I haven’t shoved everything into the viewers face at once, and showing the theme in a gentle and subtle manner, whilst being somewhat obvious.


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