Assignment 1: Presentation – 150 MC

So after the Carolyn Lefley talk, I have begun to look at all of my prints and think about which ones are the best for me to use out of the others and where order I am going to present them in the end.
But one area that I haven’t really addressed so far is presentation, which is something important when it comes to my final pictures, as not only does it make them look much nicer and presentable, but it also relates to hoe we present our work.

Hans-Georg Gadamer had this idea about horizons, where you had the artists horizon, in which they saw their own vision or agenda for their work. And then you also had the Viewer’s horizon which was based on their memory, knowledge and/or experience. And that for our presentations, to make it as good as possible we had to get it between the two lines:

Artist’s ‘HORIZON’ – Vision/Ideas/Agenda
Golden area; where we want our presentations/work to be in

Viewer’s ‘HORIZON’ – Memory/Knowledge/Experience

I know for a fact that a lot of people were thinking about photo books or sketchbooks for their work, which is fair enough as it’s a presentation method that suits their work perfectly. However for me, my area of work is within drinking, which makes it much more difficult, as we have to remember that our presentation choices must reinforce the communication of my message or theme.

So whilst presenting the pressures of drinking and drinking culture, presenting my work in a book probably wouldn’t work the best, as the two methods don’t fit very well at all, as you wonder what the relation between the two is. So I started looking at a small wine box as a way in order to store my work, as then you would be able to relate both to alcohol so it would fit in-between the two horizons. But when I looked more into it and had a brief experiment with the box, I discovered that not only would I have to pull out some of the box to provide a flat surface, but at the end of it, it all looked quite gimmicky really.

There was nothing special about it at all I thought, as it simply just looked like the prints had just been placed in there, making it pretty much worthless. I am thinking on placing the final prints onto card to give some structure to the prints so they don’t bend as much.
But I am beginning to struggle to think about which method of presentation would be the best, as with drinking, is there really a right way to present? Or are they best just being shown on their own in the end?


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