What is a landscape? – 150 MC

So, what exactly is a landscape picture?

  • Depicts nature or urban environments (maybe a combination of the two)
  • Traditionally a panorama or landscape orientation, but can also be square or portrait
  • To represent places we have never been to, and to make us think differently of places we pass everyday
  • Devoid of people; populated or unpopulated
  • Contemplative; an understanding of a view

These are the common “ideas” for a landscape picture, but it must be noted that these rules can be broken, but it has to be looked at the genre that it is coming from. Sometimes the more interesting pictures can break these rules at once, but still classed as a landscape picture.

With landscape pictures, we usually think of them being nice, clear crisp pictures of environments (such as Ansel Adams) with no human presence at all. Yet this doesn’t have to be the case a t all, as a landscape picture could be filled with human presence.

At the end of the day, the context is vital within a picture, especially when it comes to landscapes, as if we don’t know what the picture is trying to show we are left confused about what we are being shown at all. Landscape pictures often rely on context provided by images, artist statements and titles, so when it comes to my pictures I need to say to myself:
Are my pictures that clear enough so that if someone looked at them, would they understand what was going on? Or would there have to be an extra piece of writing that would go with the pictures so that it would make everything much more clearer?
These are the things I will probably have to ask myself when I  have all my finished pieces done, as I won’t be able to decide something like this until the end at all.

Overall, this lecture was somewhat useful for my current assignment, with the main focus being on the actual context of the pictures really, as I need to make sure that the viewer isn’t left confused at the end of the photos at all. However, I feel that sticking to the “norm” of a landscape won’t be entirely useful at all, as different circumstances will require a different type of picture each time.


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