Assignment 1: More pictures! – 150 MC

So I decided that for the next lot of pictures I would take, I used the Mamiya 7ii to see what the difference in quality was, and to get some hopefully different variations at least. One thing I noticed which was quite hard was that the focusing was very limited, in the sense that you could not get in very close as the focusing viewer would not properly. This meant that I had to be further back to get a clear picture, which wasn’t very useful for some pictures at all.

Contact sheet 2 copy

photo 3(1)

photo 2(1)

These two pictures are a good example of the problem with the focusing. You may say that everything is all right when you look at the pictures, but I had to zoom in more in the darkroom so I could crop the pictures to how they are now. But by doing this, it also meant the quality would begin to suffer slightly as you would see more grains. But It also showed me that not everything was in focus as well. This was another problem I had with the 7ii, with that you could only focus on one specific part only at all.
So I hopefully should be able to re-shoot these pictures again with the RB67, as I know with that camera I will be able to get in more closely and get a better quality pictures at the same time.

photo 1

This picture was taken to be used as an extra piece towards the earlier shot of the roulette table so that both could work as a pair. Again, I like the abstract way of the hands in that we can only see the hand actions, so we can’t tell what has happened at all, but we still have a slight idea of what is going on though. I also really like the lighting as well, as the the shadows draw us in straight away.
My only slight complaint is that the picture is still a tad bit too light, as I think the pictures that have been slightly darker with a higher contrast have worked better.

photo 1(1)

This picture I like as well, because with all the other pictures being landscape, to have one portrait picture is a nice touch really, so it makes me think if I should re-shoot more pictures in a portrait form so that this picture wouldn’t be on its own at all.
Moving onto the real picture I feel that the picture works well, because even though we can tell what is happening, it’s not too in your face at all. If the person had various bottles around him as well, then I feel that would be a bit too obvious instead.
I also like the cropping for the photo (in this one it is slightly too cropped from when the picture was taken_ with everything being in scale, with the main parts all being in focus and nothing taking away from them in the background at all.

photo 3

Likewise, I really like this picture because it has a slight comical feel to the picture. Here you can see two shot glasses, which would usually be done as quick as possible, being chinked together as if they were proper glasses (such as a wine glass). Again I stuck to just having the arms and hands being the main focus in the picture, because the shapes are quite interesting in their own different ways.
But at the end of the day, the picture is still very simple in the way it is being presented, with there not being much to over complicate the picture.

photo 2

This picture was a re-shoot of the “being forced a drink” as the last time the facial expression was not suitable for the picture at all. This time, I managed to make sure the subject was not smiling at all, with her head being more turned away. However, the more I look at the picture, the more I feel like it should be more abstract like the others as well.
By just having the hands and the bottles, all the shapes and lines would be quite interesting I feel as you wouldn’t be able to tell in which direction the photo is going at all. So I feel like this picture is going to be re-shot as well because if I zoom in more the quality will deteriorate.

With these pictures, it is still further progressing along the theme. By taking more pictures and editing slightly to be more focused, the theme is more direct and obvious in the pictures this time, which is the main point from the pictures. If the theme can be shown from the pictures, then everything is beginning to work then.

So…the pictures are coming along well I think. The next step for me now is too start working with the contrast with all the pictures so that they can have that darker quality to them. And I also just need to re-shoot on a few pictures and everything should be good.


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