Assignment 1: First lot of pictures – 150 MC

So these were my starting images taken on the Mamiya RB67 as it was the one that I felt the most comfortable taking pictures with, plus I knew that I would get clear images. The other reason why I chose this camera was that I did take a roll of 35 mm film on my Zenit 12 camera but…


For some reason when the film was placed into the processor, no images came out at all. This was an annoyance as the film was placed correctly into the camera and everything was functioning correctly.
But I wasn’t the only one where the processing machine didn’t fully process films as well, so it might of been a technical fault; however I did notice that the writing on top of the film was processed, so I am completely baffled. But it was still a big annoyance that I had to go take more pictures when I had lost a good 30 amount! So to be on the safe side from now on, and not to lose any more slides, I’ll stick to medium format camera!

So for the start of my research, I typed into Goodle images and ShutterStock “Drinking Games Photography” to get a starting point for what type of pictures were used, and as I expected, it was fairly typical shots (e.g. ones that you may see on a magazine.) So this gave me a starting off point of what see “normally” so I knew I had to move away from that area and try and give my own personal touch on everything.

Contact sheet 1 copy

photo 1

So for this picture, it is somewhat similar to Paul Smith’s picture Race  in which you have some people drinking some drinks, but linking in to the uni aspect of drinking so I focused it on shot glasses. However, I feel that being able to see the faces is somewhat distracting, so I’m tempted to just crop the picture so that the picture would end from the left hand side hand to the shot glass on the right side. This is because the shapes of the arms are almost symmetrical and abstract at the same time.
But another problem with this picture is the background for this picture as well, as everything that is happening in the background is very distracting personally, so I would definitely need to re-shoot this picture with a much plainer background.

photo 2

Again with this picture, the face is very off-putting for me. I was aiming to make this picture look like the subject was being forced to drink… yet rather with the subject smiling, it is giving the wrong image completely. Again, the background is rather distracting as well, so I definitely need to re-shoot this image as well to get it up to a better quality.

photo 3

This image works better than the other two, as with the shallow depth of field. the background isn’t as impacting on the viewer at all. Also the nice contrast between the shadows of the shot glasses against the table is really interesting, giving it a slight halo effect. However, this doesn’t work as an image on its own at all; rather, this image needs another picture to pair with to give it some more context so we can understand it better. As on is own, I’m left under-whelmed and question why this picture has been chosen.

photo 4

This picture (the one shown is the final one) had a lot of edits to it, as the initial picture was way too flat, with the black parts on the glasses being quite grey, so there was no contrast at all in the pictures.

photo 5

So this meant I printed various pictures at different speeds and contrasts to just get everything right. It was interesting as before I changed the contrast, my shutter speed was at around 5 secs whilst the aperture was on around 11; however I was still left with some greys in the black which wasn’t helping. So then I had to up the contrast to around 3, but this meant I had to take another test strip to see what would be the right shutter speed this time seeing as everything would change.
So this was good practice I felt at being able to use the filters for the contrast on which ones work best for each image, as every image would require a different contrast at the end of the day. Personally, I feel that this image (it was cropped just to the bottle and shot glasses) is very good and abstract, but I think the first negative is slightly out of focus + the print is still too light for my liking really.

Looking at these pictures, I fee like the are beginning to link in with the theme “Encountering Culture” as the pictures are showing this uni culture quite well. However without any titles the viewer could question really what the pictures are about, so I might need to write a short piece to explain the series possibly so it could give some context for everything.
So for my next lot of images, I want to get a bit more variety in my pictures so I can show if we are harmony or conflict (harmony being taking part in the drinking; conflict being in refusing to take part or the negative effects maybe)


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