Assignment 1: Survey – 150 MC

After taking another lot of test photos, I decided that I would make a survey to get a different perspective on social pressures. So far, everything that I have put up on my blog has been research and opinions from myself, which is good. But yet it is slightly biased somewhat, as in my mind I have a set of pressures that have/think would affect me.
And I feel that if I wanted to make my pictures more available to those that looked, I would need to get a more varied opinion on what pressures actually affect them, as it surely couldn’t be the same things for everyone?

So I went online and created a quick survey, which consisted of the following questions:

Do you feel that peer pressure/social pressure/ work pressure is common today?

Do you feel like you have been affected by these “pressures” from the last question?

If yes to previous question, what effects (positive/negative) did they have? If no was answered, just answer “no” in box!

Here is a list of the some of the most common pressures effecting people today. Please choose 5 that has effected you/ you think would effect you.

These first 2 questions were just simple ones to get everything started: the greatest said yes to question one, and a 1/3rd said yes to the second question. However my main focus was on the last two question, as this was when the personal experiences and opinions would come in.
It was interesting to read what those had put down about the effects they had experienced, and it did put a different perspective on how I was seeing things. But it was the last question that was the most valuable to me, and the one that surprised me the most really, as the results that came out where not what I expected at all.

When I made the multi-answer question, I initially thought that smoking was going to be one of the higher clicked choices alongside drinking. So I was shocked to see how lowly rated it really was (whilst drinking was the most clicked option)


Now I felt that this was a great addition for how I look at pressures, as it has given me a broader idea of what others think of these social pressures. So I will definitely take them all into account, trying to look more at what others think as well as pressures I would want to include as well. But the main issue here is to make sure that I look at areas which would be easy enough to photograph in a way that wouldn’t go to over the top at all.


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