Assignment 1: Shoot 3 and re-thinking – 150 MC

So in my last test shoot I was talking about how the face of the subject should be changed because I felt that it was too simple really and didn’t offer much to the rest of the photo. So I decided that I would have a bit more of a body shot, with the subject holding the object that would be used in the second image. By doing this I felt like it would make everything much more relatable.

Test face 3

So in this picture the idea has begun to work as you can see that the subject is looking at the object, and pondering about the choice he made, in which we can see that he has rejected the bottle of beer. Overall, the image works, but really it doesn’t add anything else to the picture. Plus the editing is a bit out of touch in the top-middle as it goes from clear to foggy quite quickly, so our eyes are drawn to that area straight away. However the rest if fine and has a nice touch.

test face copy

Test face 2 copy

It’s at this point where I begin to see how utilitarian my pictures are becoming. Even though the bottom one out of the two is the best (with how the arm is much lower down and doesn’t restrict the face at all) really that’s it. The whole picture gets to the point to quickly, in which we can say what is happening… and that’s it. Nothing else is added to the pictures at all.
I mean, with my aim of trying to make the viewer think they were in that spot, it could be thought of if the viewer looked at it long enough. But as the pictures are too simple… why should they look at them again? Plus, I don’t think that the double exposure really adds anything else to the image. It is just another tool which makes the image look a bit different. I thought when it came down to the idea of choices, it would definitely make it more interesting, but really at the end it doesn’t help.

I think at this point I need to re-address my idea at bit more. So far I have looked at a variety of social pressures, by flicking between various ones without paying any attention to a specific one. So I need to home in now on one particular area and put all my attention into that.

Like I said in the last post, the theme is still being addressed well, but there is something missing to boost it up to that next level. By having the item shown as well, it adds to our understanding of the picture in the end a bit more, but nothing to drastic

These pictures have been good as a starting point, but now I need to go that step further and go pass the utilitarianism point, and try to make the viewer think.


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