Assignment 1: Double Exposure Test – 150 MC

After the looking at the work of double exposure, I decided that I wanted to experiment with this idea. Obviously, I don’t want to go straight into the darkroom with this idea because I might not like the way it looks. That’s why I decided to try the process in photoshop first to get a rough idea of what it would look like.

Test face *1Test face 2 *2

So to start things off, I decided to try two different techniques in how the exposure could work and what way looked the most appealing.
In picture *, I split the background picture into various layers whilst changing the opacity ever so slightly (the layers nearest the face would be on a lower opacity, whilst it gradually increased to a clearer picture.) At a first glance, I really didn’t like this picture, because it seemed too simple really. You can see the marks of where the opacity changes, making it stand out more. And also the shadow on the face is quite unappealing, as the colour difference is too in our face. But the more I look at it, the more I begin to actually see the value of it Even though the shadow is too bold, the way the photo comes clearer is actually a nice touch as it makes it look like the thought is coming from the person.

In picture *2, my other technique was to use the rubber tool on the background picture (again at a low opacity so that the edges wouldn’t be too hard) so that the picture would begin to blend in with the face, as if it was part of the person. What I didn’t like about this though was how the body merged with the face, as the merge was quite off-putting I feel due to how some of the lines weren’t joint together. I think what doesn’t help as well is that the background image doesn’t seem right. My aim was to show the subject not wanting to take the drugs, but really it doesn’t look like that at all, so I might have re-think that background possibly…
That being said, I like how the transition is made from one picture to the other in a smooth action, as it does seem like the subject is thinking about what has happened. The process I feel is much smoother using the rubber, as it gives me a greater control over what I want to include or exclude.

Out of the two, I actually preferred image *1 as it was a bit clearer as what was going on, but I wish I could have used the same technique in image *2 as I think it would have had a better impact on everything.
So I decided that I would go out again and do a re-shoot for a different idea (so I could get an idea on how that would look) but when it came to the processing, instead of rubbing out the background image, I would focus on the face instead when it came to editing.

facetest 2- drinking

So this was my first attempt at the picture, and as you can tell it isn’t the best. I think I was trying to hard to make it look too sloped and curvy, and the opacity was too harsh on the face. It goes from a normal image to quite ghostly very quickly, and with it being too sudden makes it unappealing to me as well. However the background image is very strong this time around compared to the drug images. But perhaps the setting though isn’t the best possibly.

facetest 2.2- drinking

In this image, the fading out is better in this one, as the fade isn’t too bold, with the graduation working in an easier method. However, you can still tell where the eraser has been, and in those places it is quite obvious, so the aesthetic feel isn’t as strong because our attention is drawn towards the line instead of the images.

drinking test

So in this image, I worked more on making the face to fade out gradually this time, so it seems much softer and less harsh. I used an opacity of around 10% to gradually fade it out, before going to about 1% so that I could soften all the edges to make it seem like everything is fading out gradually.
This is the image I prefer out of the lot as it works the best. We can see clearly in the background what is happening, and it hopefully bring the message of someone not wanting to drink across, whilst the subject is thinking about it.

I think the only thing that I want to change is the head-shot of the subject, as i feel that really it is too simple. Even though it seems like he is thinking, it doesn’t link as well to the background image, so it makes you wonder why it’s there in the fist place.

When it comes back to theme, it’s beginning to get there I think. Having the face in the pictures just turns it up a notch because it makes it look the subject is thinking about what has happened. This I feel, shows more about the person embracing the culture they are part off. It’s very subtle yet effective in my opinion because as we are part of so many cultures, we regularly think about them as we encounter them on a day to day basis sometimes.

So maybe in the next lot of pictures, I have to think of a different way of presenting the face in a way which can link into the background as well… Thinking time!


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