Assignment 1: Artist Research; Robert Gligorov – 150 MC

I choose Robert Gligorov as an artist because it was only a certain amount of his pictures that really struck me (not only in the photographic sense, but also the message that was being shown as well.) And the reason for this was because in these pictures, there was an element of truth behind them. Less chitchat, more pictures…

RG 2 [1]

This was the image that really attracted me to Gligorov when I first saw it. I was looking at artists on the themes of issue when this singular picture popped up. And when I saw it I thought “how true that is.” Because smoking is a bullet that could kill you if it hits you in the right place. This is a very simple piece that like Banksy, doesn’t do too much in the picture, but rather sticks to the point.
And I started linking it to social pressures, and I thought: By accepting these pressures, could they in face be a ‘bullet’ that could harm us? Do we know what the consequences will be by bowing in? Or is it better just to say no and dodge the bullet?

RG 1 [2]

So I went onto Gligorov’s official page to look at his work, and this picture popped up underneath his current work. Again, like “Proiettle” this picture really drew my attention at a first glance. Drug abuse can be very deadly as there is no boundaries to how many drugs you take. And I think this picture certainly shocks the viewer into thinking about this.
In an interview with Empty Kingdom, he was asked whether the audience needs to be shocked to be entertained, and he said that he felt that there wasn’t a shock image at all. Rather, he felt a picture is more appreciated if it has a strong erotic component (Gligorov states in his picture he looks for the meaning behind the images.)
So how can this piece of info relate to social pressures? Well, bowing into the pressures can be seen as an “erotic component”; someone might say they don’t need to drink for example, yet after seeing possibly friends drinking and having a laugh, they might be drawn in by it as it looks good.

What is interesting to note with his work is that he says one of his fields of research is in the social, yet he for his pictures he doesn’t deliberately intend to shock the audience. He states, again in the interview with Empty Kingdom, that “…I’m very pleased with emotions and intellectual stimulations I can provoke…” yet what he wants is to “…convey the sense of magic and undecipherable mystery…”
And I think that’s a good point to end on, especially for my pictures. It is vital that for my pictures I get to the point in a direct way, but at the same time I need to make sure that it isn’t boring. Adding the element of suspense or openness could push the pictures to another level.


[1] Gligorov R, Recent Works, [Online] available from <> Proiettile
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