Assignment 1: Re-thinking Ideas – 150 MC

So a couple of posts ago, I went into more detail about my first ideas and looked at a few artists that had caught my attention as well with their interesting pictures. However since then (these events transpired over the past couple of weeks) the path for my final pieces has changed.

This is because after sending an email to the LGBT explaining my idea stating that those in the group would take the pictures, it would not be able to happen due to regulations. Obviously it was quite disheartening being told about this, but actually it caused me to step back and think about things in a different light.
With this idea out-of-the-way, I was left with two choices. I could either focus on both social pressures and Homelessness, or I could put all my attention into one of these ideas. And I put my attention first towards the idea of “Homelessness”, as I began to think that the way I wanted to present these pictures (letting the subject take the pictures) was a bit cliché really. There is nothing in it that makes me stand up and say ‘wow’ or make me think why I have done it like that. A viewer wouldn’t be able to tell the different unless told. And to do it in the typical fashion of people in the street is quite degrading really, but again common. There’s nothing in it that makes me stop and think; similar to how we just walk past without  second thought.

However though, when I started thinking about Social Pressures, there was a lot more paths I could take with these pictures and what I could photograph.
Would I focus more on the act of someone doing something in a portrait? Would it be a group photograph where there is an amount of people doing something, yet someone is left out? Maybe the aftermath of what a pressure has caused a person? What about the consequences these pressures can cause someone? Do we have a choice of what we can accept and deny?
Obviously these are just questions, but it raises the idea of what I could present in my photos or what the running theme could be perhaps. As I don’t want to take photo’s that leave confused or mix messages. The message in my pictures has to be clear, and in relation to the title.

So I think it’s only by following with the idea of Social pressures that I’ll be able to produce good photographic pieces. The title states “Are you in harmony or in conflict…” Trying to explain this via homelessness would be definitely harder compared to looking at what makes a person today. And at the same time it remains personal to me, as it is something that affects me and I have had experience with, giving me a greater understanding of it. By never being homeless, I don’t have the knowledge of what it’s like, so my pictures can never portray a truth at all.

Time to look at artists!


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