Assignment 1: Ideas Part 2 – 150 MC

(Still to be finished) In my last post, I was discussing my ideas in more detail for assignment 1. Here is my second idea towards the project which is more based on social pressures we face in society today.

As I have grown up, I have seen around me the pressures of everyday life that have affected me, my family and those that I have met in my life.

Social pressure is probably a major issue today in life, but is something that is probably not seen as “important” issue though in our society. But yet it is something that a lot of people have faced in their lives.
It is probably a common thing to say that social pressures are more common within the teenagers (such as ) These are mainly ones such as school work related issues, smoking or making friends. Ones that can be dealt with to some extent, hence why there are Internet forums for these fort of things.

However adults too have more pressures then we realise as well, but to a more serious extent, such as finding jobs, drinking, drugs etc. These are pressures that can cause some serious harm if they are not dealt with.

But it foes for all social pressures, for teens and adults. With each pressure there are bound to be some results from them, either positive or negative.

So why are social pressures a problem for society then?

And the answer probably lays in the fact that every wants to be seen as perfect, or rather no one wants to be different at all.  To be seen as different, especially among teens, can have some negative issues with it. Socially outcast, forgotten and many more.

And this reminds me of the work of Diane Arbus to some extent, when she photographed the “freaks.”

Diane 3 Diane 2

And I feel with her work was that as well as presenting these people in their true nature, the ones that they were most comfortable with, she was also challenging society. And this was by raising the issue of how society then, and now, clings onto the idea of human perfection. That we are scared of being different, as its something we cant comprehend at all.

And this comes all the way back to social pressures. With these pressures, some people give in to them because they don’t want to be seen as different at all. They want to be part of these groups because they want to be valued and seen as the same.

Yet we always have a choice. Sometimes, it’s good to give in to certain pressures (depending on what they are and whom they are with.) Yet sometimes we have to take a step back and say that we don’t want to be part of this.

And it’s interesting how actually these choices relate back to the title “ Are you in harmony or in conflict within the social structure that you are a part of?” because it’s the choices we make that determine whether we are in harmony or in conflict within our social structure sometimes.

Arbus, D, ‘Seated man in a bra and stockings, N.Y.C, 1985’, Revelations 2003-06, pg. 98
Arbus, D, ‘A naked man being a woman, N.Y.C, 1965’, Revelations 2003-06, pg. 98


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