EastWinds Fesitval: Pee Mak

This was, apparently, the film everyone wanted to see as it was that good. So naturally I went along to go see it so that I could see what all the fuss was about in the end. To give a bit of context about the film: it’s based on the old Mae Nak Phra Khanong legend of Thai folklore, with it depicting 5 guys that go off to war to protect their home land before coming back in the end. In this film, the main character, Pee Mak (yes the title of the film) comes home with his new found friends to introduce to his wife and baby. However after investigation, rumors start to appear that in fact the wife really isn’t who she appears to be, and is actually a ghost. Cue hilarious trouble!

From the get go, it was obvious the film was going to be good. We are thrown deep into the action of the war where Pee Mak is drafted into the war, leaving his pregnant wife alone. After giving a courageous war speech to his comrades, everything goes wrong as they are all injured; causing them to heal before being sent home. Even in this short part, we are introduced to the personalities of all the main characters which is a key part for us to get used to them.

The film carries on looking at how the 5 of them get used to living back in the town with all the rumors flying around, with comical scenes that make you laugh nearly uncontrollably. But even with these comical moments, there is heart touching scenes that make your emotions well up so much that you just wanted to go hug the characters then to say that everything will be alright. What helps is that both of these things aren’t too over bearing within the film; there is just a right mix in which that you don’t get bored of it all at once.

What makes this film unique is that just isn’t one genre on its own; rather there’s several thrown into the mix all at once for the viewers to enjoys. They all feed of one another to help them all work together in the film to allow it to run smoothly without any difficult cuts nor jumps.
What also made this film unique was that it offered the occasional plot twist at the right moments to make the audience just question everything they had seen so far, before there would be another twist just to make it all that more exciting to see what would be going on.

Compared to the other film, Pee Mak is the winner by a long run. Everything is this film is perfect for what it set out to meet; the plot was just right with the actors doing a fantastic job of getting into character and giving out a flawless performance, since in Hardcore Comedy the acting just wasn’t up to standard enough to make it…well a comedy. I would recommend this film to everyone, simply for the fact that it is something different then we are used to seeing in the UK, and can offer a very solid laugh for anyone!

And of course, a customary picture: 1452157_10202480877493408_862306055_n


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