East Winds Fesitval: Hardcore Comedy

So the first film I went to see during the festival was called Hardcore Comedy. The first reason I choose this was that out of the films that were on during the night, this one appealed to me the most (especially when it says it’s a comedy.) But also what drew me in was the trailer that was showing off the film; from those 2 minutes I was having a good ol’ chuckle at the film, thinking that it was going to be a great night.

Oh boy. Oh boy o’ boy how I was wrong.

What the trailer failed to tell us was that the film was actually split into 3 separate parts, where watching the film you would realize that all 3 parts were linked together in the opening scene (which was shown every time the next part was coming up.) The built up anticipation from beforehand was slowly disappearing very quickly, but there was no backing out now.

So the first part of the story was in fact what was showing in the trailer (a good way to get us into it at least hopefully!) The plot of this story was easy to follow really: two students have to live in a brothel due to the fact that there is no other accommodation that they can live in. The more socially introvert out of the two develops a crush on one of the girls living in the house, but finding it hard to tell her his feelings. At the same time, a customer (who turns out to be a police officer) assaults one of the girls, the students see this over CCTV and intervene, only to cause them more trouble where they get chucked into prison.
At first, this part was quite easy to follow and understand what was happening at first, but as it got towards the end the story got more and more crazy and twisted to the point i was thinking “what on earth is happening?” (Put it like this: when the students suddenly jump into superhero suits that have had no mention before and only come out now, you just give up slightly.)

The second part was much shorter to the first, but so much better when it came to understanding what was going on within the story and scene changes! The plot was based on a guy that had been evicted + loosing his girlfriend, in which he ended up doing drug deliveries to earn some money to live on. To eat delivery spot he met a variety of interesting questions that managed to raise a smile on your face from their wackiness, before we come to the second most important character in this story, Moon. From then onwards we saw their friendship blossom over their journeys and the drugs. And of course there is a happy ending in which…. well I can’t spoil it can I now! Go watch it!
This part was much better directed then the first, with an easier plot to follow and understand which drew in the viewers on this love journey in a comical way at points. Again, at some parts it was slightly over done at in ways that weren’t needed, but it was much better.

The third part again was similar to the second with regards to the themes: a guy who worked a successful job lost a huge amount of money from a gambling addiction to the boss and couldn’t pay it back. So the only way to pay back his debt was to go and assassinate a rival, or else be killed. Knowing that there would be no easy way with this choice, he decided to live out his last day to the max and see his loved ones that he had forgotten about and left, in which he saw his old love (becoming his new one again.)
I think this was the top part of the entire film, as it was the most relatable in a way. In a way, it asked us what would you do if you only had one day left to live what would you do? So don’t worry and go enjoy life was the message really (but don’t get mixed in with the dodgy guys though.)

So, my thoughts on the film…. *sigh* I was disappointed with it really. I was expecting so much from the reviews and trailers I just wasn’t really blown away. It wasn’t a comedy at all; in fact, there was a lack of comical parts really that made you laugh. The main theme of this film was on love, portrayed in 3 completely different ways which did vary it slightly. But the constant change in a short amount of time did make it hard to fully concentrate.
So I feel this picture will summarize my views on the film really:


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