Precious Object; Task B – 150 MC

You should make an image or set of images which pay homage to an object that is precious to you. There should be no text and so you must communicate the value of this object by your images alone. Think about scale, angle, light, framing, the environment, the context etc. 

This, I felt, was quite a hard task. For the simple reason being that as I am not living at home at the current moment, a lot of objects which I would consider precious are not with me at all. So this meant I had to use what I had with me to the best possibility.

But what also made it a more challenging task was that we aren’t allowed to use any text’s or visual aids in order to tell the viewer what exactly they were looking at. This meant the way the photograph is captured has to tell the story by itself. And seeing as I didn’t have too many items, it certainly made it quite interesting for me.

The photo’s I think that didn’t work well:

1436 edit_21410 edit

The Photo’s that I think did work well:

1436 edit

1436 edit_1

1444 edit


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