“Greater than the Whole” + Medium Format Camera’s – 150 MC

So another task we were given was initially split into two. Our photographic task was  to“produce a cumulative portrait of a structure that cannot be readily portrayed in it’s entirety with one single frame”. However, the twist to this was that we had to do this in analogue, which meant we had to get used to the medium format camera’s that were provided to us…

So for the task, we had a choice between two cameras we could use for this task:

The Mamiya 7 mamiya7ii

or the Mamiya RB67mamiya rb67

Just from looks alone, it’s obvious the Mamiya 7 would be the more ideal choice because of it’s compact size, it is easier to carry, plus the fact that it is much lighter. However if you were to choose this camera, one thing you would have to bear in mind when it came to focusing was that, in the viewfinder, in order to get a clear cut picture, you would have to make sure that both the rectangles you would see would line up.
This is something which can be easily forgotten when you go out and shoot film, as you would just look in the view finder, and thinking everything seems fine, you would shoot before you realise what has gone on.

On the other hand though, the RB67 stops this from happening essentially. From the pictures, you can see that to the right of the lens, there is a little knob. This is the focusing mechanism, and with the viewfinder which pops up from the top, you have to take your time in order to get the right picture. And with this much more slower method, you are less likely to make mistakes if you know what you are doing.
But again a problem which might occur with this camera is that in the viewfinder, there are lines formatted into a square. and its important to get what you want photographed into this square, or else everything outside it will be ignored.

So after weighing up the options, plus the fact that the Mamiya 7’s had all been taken out, I was forced to take the RB67, but it would of been my first choice regardless. But seeing as these camera’s don’t have in-built light metres in them, we had to take out a light meter as well so that we could make sure that all the pictures were rightly exposed.


So with that done, it was now time to move onto the task at hand. And it was quite hard to think of something that would fit into the task that wouldn’t be done by everyone else. The first obvious thought that came into mind was taking a joiner of a building, as this was a very good way of sticking to the brief in a photographic way.
However, even though I would try that, I still wanted to push myself really. My mind was stuck on cannot be readily portrayed in it’s entirety with one single frame”, and I was thinking of different ways when I thought about how the front of buildings usually tend to be something different then we portray them to be.

So for my main objective I went outside my main building (the Ellen Terry Building) and photographed the entrance. And from the outside, it has the look of an old abandoned cinema almost, and unless you were told you wouldn’t know it was the building for al media students. So I then set off taking pictures at certain locations in the building that dictated the way I would usually go towards my classes in the building. And I thought this fit in well with the brief as it is something you aren’t able to portray in one portrait, but has to be done in a number of them.
However I didn’t want my pictures just to be limited to this idea alone, so I went out to follow with this joiner idea, so I went to the nearby cathedral. But even though I did do a joiner for the whole building as it was so big, I went inside to see if there was any structures or objects that I could do the same for as well.

Contact Sheet

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2

So these are the 4 pictures I used to express “My Greater Than The Whole” in which I investigated into that when we look at the front of a building, we don’t know what it’s like inside at all. So I took a series of pictures that from a certain point that took the whole picture of a single room. In a sense it was as if I walking towards classroom, and I was showing the journey I was making.

Pictures of cameras taken from:




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