154: Reflection on Summer Task

Overall, I think that the project that worked the most out of my summer project was the scar project. This was a pretty intimate and close project for me. The pictures have shown the moments in my life where something dramatic has happened, with multiple problems or occurrences have occurred.
The scars, even though to others may not say a lot, to me means a lot. I can tell you the story behind each scar and explain the meaning behind them and what the real effect it had on me and my family. The title for the diary was intimate, and I definitely feel like I have expressed this in these pictures.

When it comes down to the real pictures themselves, I feel like they can be improved in certain places. I think the one picture that works the best is the first one of my mum’s leg scar, due to the angle that I have taken it (from underneath the foot.) I think for all the other pictures, I need to look at various angles to try and make it a bit more unique, as looking straight on at them isn’t very creative at all. At the same time as well I think I need to get in closer to the scars as well; I think that having a macro-lens would be a great way to re-do this for the future as it would really give a lot of detail to the surrounding area on the scar.

I also think that the project on the old photos can be re-worked as well massively. I think that I have gone in too close for the photos to get everything in that I have missed out a massive part: the frames. A photo on its own is just ordinary, but with the frame it suddenly gets more personal and intimate to the owner. So I think that I definitely need to include those. So that is something that needs to be edited for the pictures.
But the theme behind the images was a good idea though as it is looking behind the people that we used to have and have a lost, with the pictures being the way that they are never forgotten at all. The one thing I would like to do is that I want to get the details of the people in the photos so I can give some context to the viewers at the same time as well.

Overall, I think this summer task was actually very good in getting us set towards university. To get us in the frame minds of being given a topic and thinking about want we need to shoot and why, it was definitely very useful. Also having the summer to do it as well-meant that it was quite relaxed so that we didn’t have to panic about it that much too.


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